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Dear Mr Chamberlain

I am so delighted with the installation of my 3 garage doors that I have decided to take the unusual step of writing to let you know how pleased I am. When we decided to order automated doors, our main concern was getting the installer back once we had paid the bill if we wanted any changes or general after sales service because our experience with large national companies is disappointing in this respect. Accordingly, we were especially pleased that you readily agreed to come back and install the delatching devices that you recommended at the outset and that we initially declined to accept. I may be cynical but finding somebody who regularly turns up at the right time and on the prearranged correct day is unusual these days. To find these qualities in a company with the most competitive pricing structure is so unusual it must be little short of a miracle.


Obviously, people don’t buy garage doors very often but after your prompt and efficient service, attention to detail, patience in explaining various installation options (who would think that a garage door could be so technical and that standards could vary to such a degree!) and your desire to create the right impression and leave a fully satisfied customer, I have recommended your company to all my friends and acquaintances.


Should you ever need a reference feel free to use my name and I will willingly tell people how I truly feel. Oh yes, and some small advice if I may offer it in my own field of management consultancy; please remember that what gives your company its competitive advantage is the personal touch and personal service that you provide so well. Long may it continue.


Yours Sincerely
Robin Lovell

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