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Somfy Open Smart Home Platform TaHoma & Alexa

Somfy Open Smart Home Platform TaHoma


SOMFY is focused to make, with its customers and partners, home openings, access motorisation and home automation available for all. This ambition is pursued with TaHoma, one of the pioneering solutions on the Smart Home Market.

Already compatible with more than 200 ranges of products, from SOMFY and partners, and more than 1 million of connected solutions today, SOMFY will enrich even more the width and depth of usages for our end users with their home through TaHoma. Install the free app on your smartphone and link your products. It’s that easy! Then you’re ready to live smarter.

You can live smarter and easier with Somfy Smart Home.

Monitor garage doors, gates, heating, security and a host of other products with your smartphone or tablet. Somfy Smart Home puts you in control, makes your life easier, more comfortable and gives you peace of mind, wherever you are. You can adjust everything in the Somfy Smart Home System to accommodate your personal preferences.

Somfy TaHoma is a smart box and the heart of your Smart Home.  Scenarios and interoperability with all the leading brands and protocols create not only a smart home when you are there, but peace of mind through implied occupancy when you are not.

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ALEXA is the cloud‐based voice service that powers Amazon Echo and Echo Dot. ALEXA is always getting smarter—just ask and ALEXA answers questions, plays music, reads audiobooks, turns on and off the lights, gives you sports scores, checks the traffic, and more.

Now, with the new TaHoma skill for ALEXA, you can also control your TaHoma Smart Home as well.

Just by asking ALEXA, you can launch and control one of your pre‐programmed TaHoma Smart Home scenarios — allowing you to control blinds, shutters, curtains, lights or heating using just your voice. Just ask, and Alexa will take care of it for you.

Compatibility between TaHoma and Amazon ALEXA from Autumn 2017, depending on ALEXA availability in your country.


If this happens then launch a TaHoma scenario…

IFTTT empowers people to do more with the services they love. The acronym stands for If This, Then do That.

Working with over 510 apps, services, and devices including Facebook, Twitter, Philips Hue, Dropbox, Google, Nest, Fitbit, BMW, and Slack, with Applets. Applets bring these services together to create new experiences of all types, from automating simple tasks to transforming how someone interacts with and controls their home.

You, (the end user or manufacturer) can experiment with all IFTTT partners and create your own Applets. (Applet = smart automatism created between your devices under the condition “If This happens Then do That”).


With IFTTT and TaHoma, you can look for existing applets proposed by SOMFY or other TaHoma users who decided to publish them or create your own applets.

Any compatible service with IFFFT can then interact with TaHoma and launch pre‐ programmed TaHoma scenario. More than 400 apps work today with IFTTT: home appliances, AC systems, connected cars, gardening equipment, health devices and personal trackers, security solutions, voice assistant, weather information … and much more. The only limit will be your imagination.

All our insulated roller doors from AlluGuard have the Somfy Control Box fitted as standard, and can be easily connected to the TaHoma hub & Alexa.
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GDSW Blog Update – 20th Dec 2017