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Side Hinged Garage Doors


‘Swing type’ garage doors are becoming more popular again, especially as many people do not use their garage for a vehicle and require easy access on foot to many household items kept in the garage.

Also if the garage is used for another purpose such as a office, storeroom, utility room, playroom, or even a gym then there are a multitude of hinged doors available.

Standard steel doors with various designs and window options, right upto fully insulated options as well as being very secure.

We can offer hinged garage doors in steel, timber, GRP and double skinned steel with an insulating foam core with matching side doors in many cases, if required.

Many hinged doors can be produced in either a 50/50 split or a 70/30 split to give a smaller pedestrian door if constant access is required.

It is also worth mentioning we only sell timber side hinged garage doors from manufacturers who not only make their doors from cedarwood as it is a stable, but from companies who obtain their timber from sustainable sources

Quality Steel, Timber and GRP side hinged garage doors are only made by a few specialist companies– Garador (Steel & Timber), Fort (Steel & GRP) and Wessex (GRP).

Insulated double skinned steel hinged doors in a double rebated steel sub frame are now made to order by Carteck and Hormann.






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