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Thursday 1st March 2018

Well i think we made the correct decision this morning, it wasn’t taken lightly as we don’t like letting our customers down, but the decision was made due to the safety of our work force.

Vehicles can be repaired quite easily, humans are a lot more complicated & therefore a lot more valuable, & we value all our employees.

It has been great seeing some of their pictures this afternoon, I hope everyone is staying safe & warm.

Just a few light hearted pictures below, enjoy your snow day, we don’t get them to often (thank god the boss say’s, lol)

The bosses dog, Poppy wandering around taking it all in


Not impressed she has a built in cooler coat

Not impressed with a doggy cape, but feeling warmer

Lisa’s daughter making snow angles

Great effort Katie, well done, now ask mummy for a hot chocolate

Outside the office in Dawlish

Outside our office in Teignmouth

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