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The UK’s leading garage door manufacturers, Hormann & Garador, have just introduced a slick new operator to automate their range of canopy geared up & over canopy garage doors



The aptly named, GaraMatic Canopy Operator, has been designed specifically to electrically operate Garador’s canopy garage doors.


“The new GaraMatic Canopy Operator has been designed specifically for Garador’s range of canopy up & over doors and we believe it is an excellent new addition to our existing range of operators.”


In the past, canopy bow arm conversions have tended to involve the use of a rather bulky and very intrusive lifting arm which was attached to the back of the canopy door. This would reduce the drive through height into the garage by at least 140mm and was not the most elegant device to look at either.


Hormann & Garador’s engineering team have been working hard over the last few years to develop a more streamlined version and are really pleased to announce the new GaraMatic Canopy operator which includes a sleek new activating arm.


When in the open position, the activating arm sits behind the top edge of the garage door, enabling full opening height as well as full drive through height. Another unique feature is that the door is fully operational in manual mode.


Garador have also produced a short video on their YouTube channel, showing how the new arm works.




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