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How To Prevent A Warping Door

If your garage door warps it can be frustrating, as it means the door may not be functioning properly any more. Warping means the door is bowing, which can be noticed easily. It can happen to both steel and wooden doors but particularly the latter. High temperatures can affect the material and cause issues to the durability. Luckily you can prevent warping from occurring by treating the door properly, with paints that are specifically warp resistant. Once a garage door has already warped it may be difficult to fix it, though it is possible. It depends on how badly the warping is and which part of the door it is on. However, if you notice early enough, you may have to only replace a couple of panels. Unfortunately, if the warping is excessive you will have to replace it. It also depends on the type of garage door you have, as they won’t all have fixable panels. Sometimes replacing it is the only option, as using a warped door can put pressure on the mechanism keeping the garage door functional and safe. For more help and advice on your Garage door in Budleigh Saltertonwhy not call our office today.

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