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How to Install a New Automatic Garage Door

Replacing an old garage door with a new one is a great way to give your home an updated look. Not to mention, automated garage doors are more convenient and can even help improve your home security. In this blog post, we’ll walk you through the process of installing a new automatic garage door, from measuring the door to connecting the opener.


  • Measuring the door. The first step is to measure the garage door opening to make sure you purchase a door that will fit. Measure the width at the widest point and the height at the tallest point. If your garage has an uneven floor, you’ll also need to measure how much headroom (space above the door opening) you have. Most doors are 7 feet tall, but if you have less headroom, you may need to special order a smaller door.
  • Ordering the door. Once you have your measurements, you’re ready to order your new door. When ordering, be sure to specify that you want an automatic garage door opener included. If you’re not replacing an existing opener, you’ll also need to purchase a header bracket (to attach above the door) and track (to attach along the sides of the doorway).3. Installing the header bracket and track. The header bracket will be attached directly above the garage door opening using large lag screws or masonry anchors and bolts. The track will be affixed to each side of the doorway using lag screws or mounting brackets and bolts.4. Hanging the new door. The final step is to hang the new door on the tracks and connect it to the opener unit. You’ll first need to connect the middle hinge to the header bracket, and then connect the two side hinges on each side of the doorway. Finally, lift up the door and carefully slide it onto the tracks until it’s fully seated in place.”>5 Conclusion: With these easy-to-follow instructions, installing a new automatic garage door doesn’t have to be a daunting task. Be sure to take careful measurements before ordering your new door, and if possible, enlist a friend or family member to help with heavy lifting and installation.”>Installing a new automatic garage door doesn’t have to be a daunting task! Be sure take careful measurements before ordering your new door, If possible enlist a friend or family member for help with heavy lifting!

With these easy-to- follow instructions anyone can install their very own automatic garage door or if you prefer, call us at Garage Doors South West for a free visit and quotation for your new Garage doors in Dartmouth and South West England.

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