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Garage door repairs in Winter

Garage door repairs in Winter can be a difficult and stressful task, especially when Devon’s cold weather gets involved. Devon is renowned for its bitterly cold temperatures and raging storms during the winter months, which can cause havoc on garage doors. When your garage door stops working due to Devon’s cold weather, it is important to know the best ways to repair it so that you can keep your home warm and secure.


One of the most common causes of garage door damage is condensation. Condensation builds up inside the garage door due to the extreme changes in temperature between inside and outside. The water droplets freeze and expand, causing the metal parts of the door to become brittle and eventually break. To prevent this from happening, homeowners should check for signs of moisture or condensation on their garage door at least once per month during Devon’s winter months. If moisture or condensation is found, immediately take steps to dry out any wet areas using a dehumidifier or fans before attempting any other repairs. You should also regularly lubricate all moving parts of the garage door with a light oil spray to help ward off further damage from Devon’s cold temperatures.


Another issue caused by cold weather is extreme contraction or expansion of certain components due to drastic changes in temperature. This can cause warping of panels, separating track pieces and even cracking of frames, panels or window glass on insulated models. To combat this problem, homeowners should consider investing in a quality insulated model with good insulation value as well as thermal breaks throughout its construction design that will help reduce any thermal expansion issues faced during Devon’s winter months.

Finally, Devon’s cold weather can also create problems for electric openers due to voltage drops caused by insufficient power sources. Homeowners should check their opener batteries regularly during winter months and replace them if necessary in order to ensure reliable operation of their doors when needed most. In addition to replacing faulty batteries, homeowners can also add additional insulation around their opener housing area or use a surge protector device designed specifically for electric openers if experiencing frequent voltage drops from Devon’s cold temperatures.


Garage door repairs in Winter are not always easy but with proper maintenance and preparation they can be made much less challenging when Devon’s harsh climate comes into play. By checking for signs of moisture build-up each month, investing in good quality insulated models with thermal breaks throughout its construction design, keeping all moving parts lubricated with light oil spray and replacing faulty opener batteries regularly; homeowners are sure to enjoy a working garage door all throughout Devon’s chilly winter months while still keeping their home warm and secure, call us today for all Garage Door repairs in Maidencombeand throughout Devon.

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