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Garador Now a Recognised BMF Centre of Excellence


Garador is now a BMF Centre of Excellence.
BMF Regional Manager Richard Jones  (left) with Garador’s MD Simon Hipgrave 

Garador has achieved the status of Centre of Excellence from the Builders Merchants Federation (BMF) – Garador is a leading British manufacturer of garage doors, front doors and operators with an ultra modern production facility in Yeovil, Somerset.  

The company has now joined an elite group and been named as a Builders Merchant Federation’s Regional Centre of Excellence. The BMF has 15 of these Regional Centres to provide its members with appropriate training and meeting venues in various locations around the UK.

John Newcomb, Chief Executive Officer  of the BMF, said: 

“Localisation is an important strategy for the BMF in going forward, and Garador offers an excellent facility for our members in the South West of England to meet and train together. “

Commenting on the new status, Garador’s Managing Director Simon Hipgrave said he was delighted with the recognition of Garador’s excellent facilities and is pleased to be able to offer this support to the BMF.

“Along with the state of the art manufacturing facilities at our head offices here in Yeovil, we offer a range of conference rooms and full phone and video conferencing services,” he said.

 “We also have a unique demonstration area showing some of the latest advances and designs in our garage doors.”

Garador is recognised for its precision engineering and range of designs in both garage and front entrance doors. It has recently been acclaimed for introducing an innovative new online tool called Visualise your Door, which enables customers to see what a range of different doors will really look like on a property.


Whilst this is good news for Builders merchants, it doesn’t make up for the lack of excellence when it comes to deliveries, delivery dates are given, which we relay to our customers, yet we are continually let down, only this week we have had a door which has been on order for five weeks, initial delivery period 4 weeks, yet it has been missed again today, very poor service
Sort the production out first instead of certificates on the wall






With Christmas fast approaching, our diary is filling up nicely, still one or two slots available in December, if you are thinking about upgrading your Garage Door, 

Huge choice of styles, designs, colours & materials available to suit all budgets

Have a look around our website & send us an enquiry for further information, or our colour brochures are available in our Brochure Downloads section






Following a large investment we are pleased to announce the delivery of our two new installation vehicles, one is to replace the aging installation vehicle, and the second is to add another installation crew to the road, to keep up with demand


Dont forget to give us a toot & a wave if you see us on the roads across Devon, Cornwall, Somerset & Dorset





New Garador approved colours


Garador have introduced three new colour options to their steel garage door range which already has consists of 18 options. The new colours are:


Pastel Green (RAL 6019)
Golden Oak (Solid)
Rosewood (Solid)


All the colours have been chosen to enhance and blend with the wide range of modern and traditional homes. The doors have a rivet free door panel and come with a very smooth, quality paint finish.


Garage Doors South West are approved suppliers of Garador products


Car crime increased by 9% in 2015, the first time in 20 years. Over 75,600 incidents were reported to Police throughout England and Wales. Luxury cars are targeted by organised gangs with the Audi S3 top of their shopping list.


Steve Launchbury, a vehicle crime engineer at Thatcham Research says “Due to desirability and demand, many of these vehicles are stolen to order for distribution overseas. These thefts are carried out by organised gangs who have invested in specialist tools to reverse engineer the vehicle’s security systems, as opposed to your opportunist thief.”


Thieves are taking advantage of high value cars parked outside people’s homes, often unlocked. Police forces are concerned at the lack of basic security. Leaving high value items, sat navs, lap tops, dvd players, handbags, purses and wallets on view is an open invitation to opportunist thieves to take advantage of the situation.


Recommendations on how to keep your vehicle safe range from a simple steering wheel lock to having an expensive tracker fitted. Of course the best way is to protect your car and its contents is to park it in your garage with a secure garage door fitted or behind secure gates on your drive. For all new Garage doors in Newton Abbot call Garage Doors SW on 0800 220447



New Flush Fitting Glazed Door from Hörmann

Hörmann has just developed a stunning, fully glazed, flush fitting ALR Vitraplan garage door which is suitable for both the domestic and commercial market place.


The door designed in smoked glass, comes in two colours, brown or grey, is scratch resistant and although it is transparent also has a mirror effect. The designers have cleverly managed to hide the frame within the panels creating a smooth and sophisticated look.


As you would expect the new door is energy efficient using 26mm Duratec synthetic glass, resulting in an impressive 20% increase in thermal insulation compared to standard 16mm glass. Triple glazing is also available if required.


The door is versatile and can be used in a wide range of situations and projects, including timber, plastic, ceramic and metal. For a free quotation to replace your Garage door in Torquay , call 01626 776380.



Security comes first

A recent survey by manufacturer Alluroll has discovered that security is the number one priority for people when choosing a new garage door. The company had over a 1000 replies to their survey which revealed that 43% put security first.

Quality came in second place followed by price and appearance. There was a split in the priorities between men and women, women tended to be more security conscious than men and men were more interested in the price than their female counterparts. Whatever your priority if you are looking for a new garage door in Torquay we can meet all your requirements.


Garage Doors Doors South West Ltd can also be found on www.door-info.co.uk.



Hörmann supporting Alzheimer’s Society


Hörmann UK is calling on its national dealer network to adopt the umlaut in order to raise money for Alzheimer’s Society, its chosen charity of the year.
The German Garage Door Manufacturer is well known in the UK but its spelling and pronunciation are often anglicised. Hörmann is asking its trade partners to take a stand for the oft-forgotten umlaut, and is offering to donate £1 to Alzheimer’s Society for every change made to website copy or marketing literature.
All a dealer has to do to secure the donation is provide evidence that the two dots have been added above the o in Hörmann. This could be in a product listing, brochure or anywhere on the customer’s website. Hörmann is aiming to raise over £500 through this fun initiative, which will be added to the grand total it secures for Alzheimer’s Society over the course of 2015.
David Newcombe, managing director of Hörmann, commented: “We know that the umlaut doesn’t come naturally to many English speakers, so we wanted to help our customers get to grips with it and encourage them to use it more often when referring to Hörmann. The pronunciation is a little tricky but if you think of it as ‘oer’ rather than just ‘or’, it will soon come naturally.”
Garage Doors Southwest are pleased to support this incentive and look forward to their next installation of Hörmann Garage Doors in Devon.



Choosing a new Garage Door


Firstly take into consideration the style of your property and choose a door that will enhance its appearance. A garage door could make up 30% of the exterior of your home so making the right choice will have a big impact on how your home will look. Is your garage used as a workshop or playroom? If so you may want to consider a door with insulation to make the area more comfortable.


How do you want your door to open? The most popular and widely used is the ‘Up and Over’ Garage door. The beauty of this type of door is that it sits in the roof space when open and you have unrestricted access to the opening. This type of door is available in a wide range of colours and materials


One of the most popular types of door available is the Roller Door. If your driveway space is limited this kind of door can be the solution as the door opens vertically without swinging out and therefore you can drive right up to the door and still open it. Generally these doors are made to order and can be manufactured in a wide range of materials.


Sectional Doors come in the widest choice of colours, sizes, finishes, glazed or unglazed, plus they have the highest level of sealing, insulation and security. These doors also open vertically with no footprint on the driveway.

Side Hinged doors are becoming more popular as garages become less a place for a car and more an extra living space or office. This type of door can be supplied in steel, timber, GRP or double skinned steel with an insulating foam core and some can be supplied with matching side doors if required. These doors are also very secure.



Hormann to discontinue the EPU40 model range

Hormann has decided to close its doors on the production of the EPU40 garage door after many years of production. From July 2014 they will be ceasing production of the now outdated range of doors.

Hormann are Europe’s leading provider of garage doors, gates, frame operators and other related products. With their products now entering their third and fourth generations, they have been at the forefront of door innovation and development for years. By working closely with developers and customers alike they have managed to produce the many innovative, quality products.

Sectional garage doors such as the EPU40 range are designed to save space as the sections are suspended from the garage ceiling when the door is raised. They can be fitted in any dimension garage door space so they are ideal for use in unusual size openings in addition to standard sizes. They come in a variety of styles and thicknesses whilst still providing a sleek and stylish finish. These doors can either be opened manually or fitted with a remote control opener.

Although the sectional doors offer a 20mm thick insulation, adequate for most garages, it has now been surpassed by the more common 40 – 45mm thick door becoming the new norm for the industry. Even though the 20mm EPU40 is perfectly acceptable, Hormann have found that their sales are being far surpassed by the thicker insulating doors. They have already been gradually limiting the range of colours and finishes that are available on the EPU40 range in preparation, which has caused a degree of confusion amongst customers.

Although production is due to stop in July 2014, there will still be doors available in the EPU40 range until stocks run out. Meanwhile Hormann still offer a whole variety of other sectional garage doors in an array of colours and finishes to choose from. The LTE40 is a more cost effective option for those who are not at all concerned with insulation.

Consumers are becoming increasingly aware of the benefits that come with having a well insulated garage door. For garages with a direct links to the house one major benefit is that it will keep the garage warmer in the winter and cooler in the summer. This creates a more comfortable environment for owners, pets that may be living in the garage and even cars as they won’t be exposed to such extreme temperatures. In addition to the benefits in temperature, good insulation can also cut down on noise and moisture infiltration.

Garage Doors South West can offer useful advice about which garage doors are best suited to any property. If looking for garage doors in Exeter, garage doors in Torquay or anywhere else in the South West, Garage Doors South West can offer comprehensive, no fee and competitive quotes and advice. We take pride in great customer service whilst offering a wide range of styles and finishes of garage doors. Choosing and fitting of garage doors is kept hassle free and as easy as possible.

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