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Door Accessory Options




It’s not just about the garage doors with the right accessories, you can further enhance your new garage door. We are able to help you optimise your door’s performance and durability with a wide selection of only the best accessories.


Garage Door Frames


For the best and highest standard of installations, you have to start with the frame.
Up and over Doors are available with a frame as an option, single doors can be supplied pre-framed up to 10′-0″, Doors over 10′-0″ wide are genuinely classed as double doors, and these frames are supplied in kit form ready to assemble on site during the installation.
Side hinged door are also ready framed, although these can also be supplied unframed if required Sectional & Rollers are usually install direct to the brick/block work, but can also be installed to a sub frame if required.


Garage Door Handles


All manufacturers supply their doors with Black Euro Handles as standard, with all manufacturers offering you the opportunity to personalise your door with Brass Effect Handles, other colours are also available but this all depends on the choice of door.


Draught Strips & Floor-seals


Uneven floors? Not a problem – we have both Rubber & Brush Strips which fit direct to the door panel you choose, or we also have the new floor-seal option, this is sealed to the floor using the latest adhesive/sealer to further prevent the ingress of water, so there’s no need to worry about wind, dust or leaves blowing into your garage.


Remote Control Systems


Remote Controlled Garage Doors – the ultimate accessory to complement your new garage door, safety and convenience.
All of our Garage Doors are suitable to use with our Remote Control Systems, and we only select the finest range of Remote Control Systems which are equipped with reliable and state of the art technology.
All of our Remote Control Systems come with a range of features as standard, including automatic obstruction detection/reverse – suitable for families with small children and pets. As well as this, the self-locking motor ensures effective protection against break-ins, your doors will remain locked during a power failure, in emergencies the Remote Control Systems can be opened manually.
Simple to install, no qualified personnel required, and all the Remote Control Systems we recommend and sell have the advance slow start-stop technology, so no need to worry about your garage door slamming shut.


All of our Remote Control Systems we supply include


  • Two x Multi Button Keyfob Hand Transmitters

  • Courtesy Light

  • Internal Manually Over-ride




Additional Transmitters, Wired & Wireless Keypads, Battery Back Ups, Keyswitches, Internal Push Buttons, Cigarette Lighter Transmitters, plus many more




depends on the make and type of Remote Control System Selected

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