One of our two installation teams are back out installing doors, carrying out repairs, servicing & survey’s.

We will only have a limited service for the coming weeks whilst we slowly return to full strength with contactless surveys, installations & repairs, please bear with us during this transition period, for the time being our showroom will remain closed & will only be available on a pre bookable appointment basis.

If you would like to arrange a contactless survey or repair here’s how you can get in touch with us

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We are taking the all the necessary precautions to keep our employees and customers safe.

  • * We will contact you 10/15 mins prior to arrival to allow you time to unlock your garage door.
  • * Asking customers to remain inside of their own property during the installation, repair or survey.
  • * We will photograph inside & outside of the garage.
  • * Payments to be made via telephone into the office, or BACS payment prior to the departure of out teams.
  • * Forward detailed quotations via Email & answer any further questions by email or telephone.

We have implemented all necessary measures along with social distancing to maintain and run our business safely as possible as per Government & NHS England guidelines, to help prevent the spread of the virus.

Brochures are also available on request! 📚, we can email these direct to you, so you can browse online without compromising the social distancing guidelines, & can answer all questions quickly & easily via email.


Please understand that we take Government & NHS England advice very seriously, all planned work will be put on hold if anything changes following the Covid-19 daily updates from our Government.

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Choosing the correct size

Hormann & Garador Sectional doors can be either installed on the rear of the garage pier of the brickwork, known as a back fix or using a sideways anchor kit can be fixed within the brickwork opening known as an in-between fix, both options require clearance on either side and headroom clearance (the distance between the ordering height and any obstruction above either the ceiling or lintel depending weather it is a back or in-between fix as detailed below:


1. Side clearance

A 90mm wide frame securely supports the door panels on each side. This can either be fitted to the brickwork on either side or within the opening.


* Fitting behind the brickwork & lintel. If your brick to brick opening is 7′-6″, order a 7′-6″ wide door, the 90mm (rounded upto 4″ in this example) frame will be in addition to the 7′-6″ so the total assembly width is 8′-2″


* Fitting between the brickwork & under the lintel. If your brick to brick opening is 7′-6″, take off 2 x 4″ to allow for the frame and sideways anchor kit so the correct door size would be a 6′-10″ wide door


2. Headroom clearance

If your opening does not match a standard size of door? Don’t forget you can always remove existing wooden frames this will not only remove the need to decorate your exisiting timber frame but it will also improve your drive-through width.
You have a couple of options… here is an example.
Mr Jones garage opening size is 7′-11″ wide x 7′-2” high with 6” of side room each side and he likes the LTE40

Option 1 – install an 8′-0” wide x 7′-0 high door. As the door fits behind the brickwork an inch of the door (half an inch each side) will sit behind the brickwork, however the internal garage width will need to be at least 2438mm (8′-0”) plus 2 x 90mm (8”) clearance, 2618mm or 8’-8”, With the height the clearance will need to be 2125mm (7′) + 100mm clearance, so the ceiling needs to be at least 2225mm (7’-4”) from the floor.

Option 2 – install a 7′-6″ wide x 7′-0” high door. Again the door will fit behind the brickwork, All doors are supplied as standard with a 90mm wide fully finished frame (white) which mounts to the brickwork. The drive through width will be reduced and 2½” of frame will be visible on either side. The internal garage width will need to be at least 2286mm (7′-6″) plus 2 x 90mm (8”) clearance, i.e. 2486mm.