We issued the following statement yesterday in response to Government guidelines issued over the last few days.

We have deliberated long & hard over the last few days, but we feel this is the only responsible thing to do under the circumstances, the quicker we all isolate the quicker this virus can be sent packing.

People & companies who fail to undertake the same stance are just adding to the problem & will only result in longer & tougher sanctions being imposed, we all have a responsibility to eradicate this virus.

All departments will be closed for the foreseeable future, with exception to our sales office which is being manded from Home by Lisa during these difficult times, installations ceased from last night, our storage facility in Dawlish is fully lockdown & no deliveries will be accepted as all our installation crews have been sent home to protect their health & wellbeing.

Working together will see us all come through the other side, how long that takes all depends on how selfish others are,

We applaud you if you have already taken these important steps, if you haven’t then please think carefully, you are putting others in danger & has I have eluded to above the longer people take to isolate the longer the shutdown will be

CORONA VIRUS (COVID-19) UPDATE - 1700 - 23/03/2020

Due to the current ongoing crisis the whole world is facing, & following Government instructions, guidelines & advice we have made the difficult decision as at 1700 on Monday 23/03/2020 to close our storage facility in Dawlish & suspend all installation, sadly, this will include all site survey’s

We have a duty of care to all our staff & customers & believe this is the only responsible thing to do.

We will still offer emergency repair service, BUT only were the garage door is broken, & you need access to your food in fridges &/or freezers in the garage were no other access is available, all other non emergency repairs will have to wait.

All payments will have to be telephoned through to Lisa, as no face to face contact will be engaged, you will have to remain in doors & communication with or repair engineer will be by telephone only.

If you attempt to communicate with the engineer face to face, the engineer has instructions to leave immediately.

We urge everyone to stay at home where ever & whenever possible, the quicker we isolate which will prevent this deadly virus spreading the sooner we can all get back to work & socialising again.

Preventing this virus spreading will also help our fantastic Doctors & Nurses in the NHS to help the ones which do sadly contract the virus.

When this is contained & is no longer a threat, we can all get back to our family & friends.

We are of course set up to work from home, & I have three fantastic members of staff waiting to assist you if needed & help where ever we can.
Tel: 01626 776380
Or by email lisa@garagedoorssouthwest.co.uk

The only thing left to say is, that we wish all our friends, family & customers all the very best in these difficult times, be sensible, follow guidelines, advice & most importantly stay safe.

Many thanks
Kind regards

Darren Chamberlain

Supplying & Installing Garage Doors & Remote
Control Systems Since 1982

Tel: 01626776380

Bespoke services

Below is a full List of Our Bespoke Services

Whilst we supply & Install standard & made to measure garage doors, we are also able to Supply & Install your new garage door tailor made to suit your requirements.

  • 2 to 1 Conversions

  • Make your own Garage

  • Building Work

  • No Job to BIG or small


2 Doors to 1 Door Conversion


A 2 to 1 conversion under taken by us on 31st October 2016, Darren our MD, Stephen, Kyle, Daniel & Gary, worked tirelessly to remove 2 x 7′-0 x 7′-0 standard up & over doors, the existing Catnic Lintols & Centre Pier to produce a drive through opening of 5m wide

The colour selected by the customer during our site survey & discussions with Darren, enhanced the look of the garage whilst matching the existing decor of their home

The door in question our customer choose is an AlluGuard Insulated Roller Door finished in Rosewood, matching Rosewood plastic was used to box in the new RSJ which was installed.

Were the pier was removed the block pavers where added to match the driveway and a small concrete fillet, to complete the look, we also added small pieces of the stone on each end of the RSJ

Create your own Driveway / open air Garage


A unusual request by our customers to create a drive into their back yard was under taken by us on 17th October 2016, Darren our MD, Stephen & Kyle, worked tirelessly to remove the garden wall to create the opening required, and then installed an AlluGuard Insulated Roller Door, in white including Automation System.